Human welfare and a healthy
life Biomedical Engineering

Studies in the 21st century will ultimately seek for the welfare and healthy life of human, striving to extend and enrich human life.
Recent interest and investments in medical studies and bio-science come out of such pursuit. Biomedical engineering is a new field of study that attempts grafting of medical science to bio-science. The educational objective of biomedical engineering department is to help with accurate diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases by grafting electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science to the principles of medical study, biology and physics.
The department of biomedical engineering has the educational objective to establish the concept of medical systems by acquiring basic knowledge on western and oriental medical sciences, and educate on the engineering principles and techniques that adopt medical science on such basis. Students will cultivate creativeness and raise the ability to adapt in practical work through hands-on experiment based education so that they may play key roles in the development of biomedical engineering and adjacent applied science by advancing into academic circle or research fields after graduation.