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Kyung Hee University newly established the School of Medical System Engineering in 1998 and newly recruited 40 students for the oriental medicine system engineering major for the first time in the nation. As the college organization was revised, the major was transferred to the Department of Oriental Medical System Engineering affiliated under the College of Electronics and information from 1999, and since 2002, the Department changed its name to the Department of Biomedical Engineering.
Biomedical engineering is a field of study that handles engineering technology applied to medical science, and deals with various medical systems, medical information and bio materials used for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases. Specific examples include bio signal measuring system, medical image system, minimally invasive system, remote treatment system and artificial organs etc. Our department educates with emphasis on the fields of bio measurement, medical imaging, medical information and rehabilitation engineering among various fields of medical engineering.
In the 1st and 2nd grades, students learn basic engineering subjects like electromagnetics, analog and digital circuit theories, signal and system etc while getting equipped with applied field knowledge by studying basic subjects of oriental medicine and western medicine. In the 3rd and 4th grades, students learn specialized applied technologies like bio measurement, medical imaging, medical information and rehabilitation engineering etc that are based on engineering technologies like electronic engineering, computer engineering and mechanical engineering etc.
The 21st century is anticipated to see rapid growth of knowledge based industry and health welfare related industries. In particular, there are on-going burgeoning of new technology fields by the integration of IT, NT and BT. As biomedical engineering is gradually gaining its shares in health medicine industry in such course, the importance of biomedical engineering and demand in workforce will increase.
The major of biomedical engineering has the education objective to establish the concept on medical system by acquiring basic knowledge on oriental and western medical sciences and to educate on the engineering principles and technology applied to medicine on such foundation.
This major will help students cultivate creative power in order to play important role in the development of biomedical engineering after graduation, and raise working ability through experiment practice oriented education. Through this process, the major will seek to produce medical engineers equipped with the ability to design and develop various medical systems.
  1. 1. Foster talents with the dignity to execute the roles of leaders in developed society.
  2. 2. Raise specialized work force that will conduct in-depth research on biomedical engineering and adjacent
        applied science or lead technology development in the industry by entering academic circle or research
  3. 3. Raise creative work forces that can play important role in the development of medical engineering by
        enhancing hands-on adapting ability with emphasis on experiment practice.
For detailed execution provisions on the department of biomedical engineering, see by downloading the link below.