New engineering education
compete with the world

In the high Information industrial Society, Computer Engineering, a new study, will become a basis and information will be the most important resource. In collecting and analysis them, Computer Engineering is essential and the key. A major field of Computer Engineering is seeking the key in information industry, 1) the field of software development, 2) the field of SW, 3) the field of network, 4) the field of multimedia. Because programming language education is very important and fundamental, A major field of Computer Engineering educate completely by theory and practice.
After graduation, students go on to graduate school or go abroad and they can go on to IC, computer, Internet, multimedia, game, animation, e-commerce related companies, business, financial institution, and National and Public-Founded lab. Also, Students who start venture business are growing. Henceforth, as the information-oriented society is expected to take off in earnest, demand of the Computer Engineering major expect to increase explosively and the Computer Engineering major with creativity and professionalism also expect to play an important role in strengthening national competitiveness. With the needs of the nation, society and times, the skill treated and educated in Computer Engineering, is the key and main agent of industry flourish. In this way, the prospects for Computer Engineering are bright and unlimited.
Producing creative and professional
global leaders who can lead an IT power
  1. 1. Developing the ability to act as a leader of each field based on learning of expertise of Computer
        Engineering and understanding Information society
  2. 2. Developing the creative ability required at Knowledge-Based society based on a faithful learning of
  3. 3. Developing the ability to solve the problem systematically by formulating technical problems,
        designing and practicing an experiment using cutting edge engineering tools
  4. 4. Developing the abilities to create future value and lead industry flourish with engineering ethic
Computer Engineering is promoting an Accreditation for engineering education program. AEE, guarantee that graduate of accredited program is ready to work engineering experience, improves engineering education and gives students high quality education. If students are certified by Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea, students can be recognized as engineers with international competitive edge not only in Domestic Universities, enterprise and laboratory but also in everywhere.
  • - Cultivate people of ability to adapt to the age of globalization and information age
  • - Cultivate creative people, the knowledge-based society needs
  • - Cultivate people with theories, practice, initiative and morality
  • - Cultivate engineering human resources who can create the future value and lead industry flourish
  • 1. The ability to apply mathematics, science, engineering knowledge and theory
  • 2. The ability to understand and analysis material, to plan and practice experiment
  • 3. The ability to design system, element, process to reflect practical limited condition
  • 4. The ability to formulate and solve the engineering problems with recognition of them
  • 5. The ability to use executive engineering skill, method and tools
  • 6. The ability to act as one of the complex theoretical team
  • 7. The ability to communicate effectively
  • 8. Realizing the necessity of lifelong education and the ability to participate in it actively
  • 9. Extensive knowledge that understanding of the effect of engineering option on worldwide, economical,
        environmental, social situation
  • 10. Basic knowledge in the question at issue
  • 11. Awareness of the professional, ethical responsibility
  • 12. Understanding of The ability to world culture and the ability to cooperate internationally
  • 13. The ability to understand changing technologies from macro view and to develop the future-value