We compete with the world
with new engineering

The objective of Electronics and Radio Enginering is to cultivate talented engineers and leaders in the convergence of computer, internet, communication, broadcasting after educating the students the fundamental technologies of the electronics and radio communication field that is the back bone of the information and advanced industrial era of 21st century.
In order to cultivate experts in IT hardware and software convergence, ABEEK Program was adopted in 2006. The objective is to cultivate students that are creative and potent in the development of academic and technology convergence while educating core academic fields that wil play vital role in the information and advanced industrial era of 21st century. 6 tracks consisting of optics and semiconductor, computer/circuit design, microwave, communication system design, communication, and multimedia was used to align the curricula within the ABEEK Program. Thus, another objective is to cultivate engineers that are recognized globally by operating the ABEEK Program to certify the graduating students of their ability to adapt to engineering field work.
Cultivate experts in device related to IT electronics and radio engineering
as well as IT systems with both HW and SW foundations
  1. 1. Aquire Electronics and Radio Eng.knowledge and based on understanding of information age and
        current affairs, cultivate the ability to be a global leader in their respective fields
  2. 2. Cultivate creative design ability required in the industry through thorough study of basic science
  3. 3. Cultivate ability to formalize, systematize, and then apply the solutions to technical problems as well as
        plan and execute experiments using cutting edge engineering tools
  4. 4. Cultivate the ability to create future values with moral engineering conscience as well as to lead the
        industrial development